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Hôtellerie | 08/03/2018 13:46:18

Les femmes brisent le plafond de verre chez Christie & Co

Carine Bonnejean, Managing Director – Hospitality Consulting, profite de la Journée internationale de la femme pour évoquer sa propre expérience et les opportunités nouvelles qui se présentent aux femmes dans le secteur de l'immobilier.

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Hôtellerie 08 mars 2018

Les femmes brisent le plafond de verre chez Christie & Co

Today, International Women’s Day, is a fantastic opportunity to take stock of the progression of women at Christie & Co over the last year. Carine Bonnejean , Managing Director – Hospitality Consulting, takes this International Women's Day to reflect on her own experiences a...

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Hôtellerie 12 janvier 2017

Why London will always be a capital place to invest

Despite all the trials and tribulations faced by the markets in recent months – Brexit, political leadership elections in the UK and the fall in the value of the pound, there remains a strong appetite for hotel assets within the Capital. Demand still far outweighs supply, a...

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Hotels 17 novembre 2016

Why the CEE hotel investment market is booming

Hotel investment activity in CEE – from the Adriatic Coast to the Baltic Sea – has been booming in the second half of 2016, with numerous hotel properties being on the market and several transactions taking place. A lot of deal activity was witnessed in the Balkans. Exampl...

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Hôtellerie 12 novembre 2016

Successful destinations Management: Balearic Islands

How it couldn’t be otherwise, Christie & Co did not want to miss the conference about Successful Destinations Management organised by Hosteltur on Friday October the 28th in Palma de Majorca. As a main theme: Balearic Islands, a destination that, due to the increase of tourist...

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Hôtellerie 15 avril 2016

What's in a brand? Hotel brand switching, repositioning and re-flagging

Hotel brands are at the cutting edge of the space between the hotel business and the consumer and for this reason they are constantly in the spotlight.   Brands evolve over time, new brands appear and some brands merge, decline and disappear. For investors there is a real req...

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Hôtellerie 04 avril 2016

Don't be afraid of dwindling Chinese investment

‘The Chinese are leaving the UK’ is a regular statement seen in the media of late. With political uncertainty plaguing the Asian superpower and levels of caution rising, should the UK hotel sector be concerned? The short answer is no; the truth is that Asian investment, co...

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Hôtellerie 17 mars 2016

Investigating Asian interest in Hotels

Following the launch of our Asia desk last year, interest in our service capability in the region has been rising steadily, with more and more calls coming in from both clients and media alike.   As a result of this increased interest, I was invited to attend the 16 th ...

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