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Hôtellerie 16 janvier 2019

Christie & Co publie son Business Outlook 2019

Chiffres clés de 2018 sur tous les secteurs d'activité de Christie & Co, y compris l'hôtellerie et les prévisions pour 2019

While international investment continues to thrive and the impending Brexit deadline likely to bring economic clarity, the future of business looks to be bright, according to the latest annual report by specialist business property adviser, Christie & Co.

The report, ‘Business Outlook 2019: Navigate, Innovate, Accelerate,’ reflects on the themes, activity and challenges of the previous year and forecasts what 2019 might bring across the industries in which Christie & Co operates, including healthcare, hospitality and retail. Overall, whilst headwinds affect the majority of these sectors, predominantly increasing operating costs and recruitment, growth was still seen by many businesses.  

A shift in investor appetite in the commercial property market has seen greater demand for ‘alternatives’ property, fuelled by Asian and European investors keen to capitalise on developments in the healthcare, childcare and hospitality sectors. 

Brexit is identified as a pivotal factor for many businesses in the UK, with some having benefitted from the relatively low value of the pound and others feeling the pressure of an uncertain outcome. Generally, an upturn in confidence is expected with the clarity 2019 should bring. Additionally, more alternative lenders are coming to the fore, as traditional banks are more cautious to lend, creating greater opportunity for business owners looking to embark on their first venture or expand. 

Within the report, the key strategies which business owners and operators may employ to navigate challenges throughout 2019 are identified as: ensuring staff retention, minimising costs through new innovation and better operational management, and reinvestment. These approaches are found to be applicable to a range of sectors, giving businesses of all sizes an edge to adapt and thrive in 2019. 

Average prices remained economically positive throughout 2018 across almost every sector in which Christie & Co specialises. These are as follows: 

Dental: + 5.2%
Pharmacy: + 2.8%
Care: + 3.1%
Childcare: + 8%
Retail: + 1.3%
Pubs: + 2.7%
Restaurants: - 1.3%
Hotels: + 4%

Chris Day, Global Managing Director at Christie & Co, comments, “There is no doubt that the past year has been a struggle for some businesses in the UK, particularly on the high street and casual dining operations, however there has also been plenty to be optimistic about. Consumer demand across many sectors grows, particularly those with exciting concepts or which are successfully utilising new technologies, whilst investment from overseas has seen a healthy continuation which doesn’t look set to slow. With ever changing political and consumer landscapes, being aware and prepared to adapt will help business flourish this year.”

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Hôtellerie 12 décembre 2018

European Hotel Investment Trends 2018: Connectivity, hospitality & opportunity

Où investir en Europe ? Christie & Co publie la deuxième édition de son étude "European Hotel Investment Trends 2018: Connectivity, hospitality & opportunity"

Où investir en Europe ? Christie & Co publie la deuxième édition de son étude "European Hotel Investment Trends 2018: Connectivity, hospitality & opportunity"
Votre contact en France est Soazig Drais, Directrice Associée Conseil & Evaluation
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Hôtellerie 26 novembre 2018

Le marché hôtelier espagnol : les Iles Canaries

Nouvelle étude de Christie & Co Espagne présentant les performances de l'archipel des Canaries en termes de demande, offre et profit

Christie & Co analyse les données portant sur les 4 îles principales de l'archipel : la Grande-Canarie, Tenerife, Fuerteventura et Lanzarote.

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Hôtellerie 06 juillet 2018

Les villes espagnoles les plus compétitives en 2017

Christie & Co Espagne publie l'étude sur les villes espagnoles les plus compétitives en 2017

Following their strategy of sharing useful information with the market by means of reports on relevant areas or cities to the tourism industry, Christie & Co now presents a new update (third year in a row) of its report "Hotel Market in Spain: Most Competitive Cities", which analyses the 2017 evolution of the hotel markets of Barcelona, San Sebastian, Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Bilbao and Valencia through its main parameters: hotel demand, offer and profitability.
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04 avril 2018

Le marché hôtelier espagnol : les villes secondaires

Dans la lignée des rapports déjà publiés ur les villes les plus compétitives en Espagne et au Portugal, Christie & Co propose une étude spécifiques sur les villes secondaires en Espagne qui présentent un réel potentiel en termes de performance.

À partir des chiffres du "Barometer of Profitability and Employment of Spanish Tourist Destinations 2017" publié par Exceltur, Christie & Co a retenu les villes qui ont obtenu les RevPAR les plus élevés, connu une variation significative entre 2016 et 2017 et une croissance cumulée significative depuis 2015. Ainsi, derrière les villes de Barcelone, Madrid, Valence, Séville, Saint-Sébastien, Malaga et Bilbao se distinguent les villes de Santander, Alicante, Cordoba, Grenade, Tolède, Saint-Jacques de Compostelle et Valladolid.

Xavier Batlle, Associate Director et Responsable du département Conseil pour l'Espagne et le Portugal, commente: “la reprise du tourisme domestique et la croissance du tourisme international ont amélioré la rentabilité des destinations secondaires prises en compte dans notre étude. Ceci doublé à une bonne accessibilité et une demande soutenue en font des destinations attractives sur le plan de l'investissement et du développement".
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Hôtellerie 15 mars 2018

Le marché hôtelier en Allemagne - Edition 2018

Christie & Co vient de publier une présentation du marché hôtelier allemand avec une analyse des 6 villes clés du pays : Berlin, Munich, Francfort/Main, Hambourg, Cologne et Dusseldorf.

The report, which references performance data provided by STR reveals that while performance of the individual markets may differ, as a whole the German hotel market is still prospering.  

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Hôtellerie 14 février 2018

ESPAGNE : Hotel Investment Overview 2017


Christie & Co, international hotel property advisor, releases its analysis of hotel investment 2017, which denotes a new record year in investment in the sector in Spain with 3,900 million euros.

After the presentation in Madrid of the YTD report on December 19th, in which they estimated in 3,086 million euros the investment volume up to November 30th, Christie & Co publishes the full report, in which they share the estimated figure of hotel investment in Spain in 2017.

According to the data available to Christie & Co, the total hotel investment in Spain in 2017 was of 3,900 million euros approximately, in a total of 185 transactions, which represents an average price per room of 120,475 euros and an increase of 81% of the total volume of investment versus 2016.

In terms of investor profile, the report highlights the importance of investment firms as the largest source of capital in 2017, representing a 42 % of the total investment, with more than 1,300 million euros. Hotel companies, with a 20% of the total investment figures are on second place, and REIT companies close the podium with a 16%. Furthermore, regarding origin, 51% of the investment was from national origin, followed by US (23%) British (12%) and French (6%) investors.

The report also emphasizes how the investment estimated figure has been greatly increased by portfolio transactions and significant assets such as Blackstone's purchase of the HI Partners portfolio (630 million euros); purchase of Edificio España in Madrid by RIU Hotels & Resorts (272 million euros); the Meliá and Starwood joint venture bought by London & Regional (230 million euros); the “Bay Hotels” portfolio participation in Barceló and the purchase of the “Alua Hotels” portfolio by Hispania; or the Hilton Diagonal Mar Hotel purchase by AXA (150 million euros), among others.

The advisor also highlights how secondary destinations have arisen interest this past year, bringing together a 14% of the total investment, with 26% of the transactions. Cities such as Alicante, Girona, Lugo, Almeria, Lleida, Cádiz or Granada have received a strong investment appetite in the Spanish hotel sector due to, among other reasons, attractive investment returns in these secondary cities, a clear recovery in RevPAR levels and new trends in terms of demand.

Likewise, after some years in which urban destinations blunted in terms of investment volume, Spain continues to be a benchmark in the sun and beach segment. Vacational destinations have concentrated a 65% of the total figure, with the Canary and Balearic Islands gathering, by themselves, the 40% of the total investment in the country.

Finally, the analysis shows how almost the 90% of the transactions carried out in 2017 were concentrated in six Spanish regions (the Balearic and Canary Islands, Andalusia, Catalonia, Madrid, and the Valencian Community), regions that received as well the 91.7% of international tourists, something that can be considered a key factor for the demand concentration.

The report, which Christie & Co wants to carry out on annual base, concludes with a quick summary of the “2018 Outlook”, including what they consider key factors for the immediate future within the hotel sector, analysing it from an economic perspective and reviewing new trends and foreign factors that can affect it.
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Hôtellerie 25 janvier 2018

Business Outlook 2018

Business Outlook 2018 : chiffres clés 2017 et prévisions 2018

Les experts de Christie & Co font un point sur l'activité de l'année passée et partagent leur vision pour 2018. Cette étude inclut une section sur l'immobilier hôtelier au Royaume-Uni et en Europe.
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Hôtellerie 06 décembre 2017

Convention SEH - Bruxelles

Table ronde

Christie & Co était présente à la Convention SEH qui s'est tenue à Bruxelles le 1er décembre dernier. A la table ronde, nous avons commenté les tendances et les opportunités d'investissement en hôtellerie en Europe.
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Hôtellerie 22 novembre 2017

European travel trends and hotel investment hot spots

Uncovering the hotel investment opportunities throughout Europe, this report reviews the growth opportunities of feeder markets in Europe, analyses the issues surrounding accessibility and airport capacity and highlights which markets are expected to achieve strong RevPAR increases in the coming years.